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  Soccer Max Websites provides Professional Soccer  Team,  Soccer Club and Soccer League Websites that can be completely managed by the League or Club owners, with its easy to use Management Portal. You can manage every aspect of your Soccer Tournament or Club.

Below are a list of additional Services for your website once its ready

1. Email Newsletter Software / Constant Contact: $299

Keeping your customers engaged and informed is vital. and Our Newsletter software allows you to do just that. We develop the email newsletter software on your site so customers can register their email and can stay informed with your latest Happenings. Then you can easily send out periodic newsletters - Using our the easy to use Management Interface to create beautiful newsletter emails, that go out to everyone with the click of 1 button.

2. SEO - Search Engine optimze your soccer website. $99

Let our developers and Search engine specialists search engine optimize your website with with specific keywords to bring you more fans and soccer enthusiasts to your website.

3. Video Streamer - Team TV Feature:  Included with all systems as of 2023

This additional feature allows you to stream your games or videos directly from your website. It would provide your own personal TV feature directly from your website allowing you to stream live events or add an achive of online videos.

4. Initial Website Integration: $399

One time - Website Integration. Our creative Designers can add all your content for you, with graphical images to describe each page content. This is suited for the user who rather have us totally add all website content for the them - leaving the website ready and professional done.

* Website integration is not unlimited work. We will work with you for 6 weeks allowing you time to provide us the content and work with us. Custom web application development is not considered web maintenance. Adding of your content to the existing web platform is.  Once the 6 weeks are up you will need to purchase more design integration time.

5. Logo Design: $99

Our creative Designers can design you Professional Level Logo to give your organization a professional Presence to capture audience. In this day an age, A club's presence is one of the most important things, when thinking of a Soccer Club, Soccer League or Soccer TEAM to follow.

6. Website Maintenance - Starting at $399 / Month
We have different packages suited to meet your organizations Website maintenance and marketing needs. Please ask a representative to email you our detailed packages for more information. The 399 package maintains your website and all Artwork for the ads and design work for marketing material is included. Minimum 6 month contract required.

7. Ecommerce Website Integration:  $799

We custom integrate our Advanced Ecommerce Solution for you. Allowing you to sell unlimited products and all online registrations. Our eCommerce solution also has full customer management software allowing to manage and keep track of all customer sales and customers.

8. Pro Team Marketing Packages / Sponsor  Packages and Legal Documentation - One Time fee of $899
Let our team of marketing experts create for you the marketing packages for your TEAM, Fans and Sponsors. We setup the Base Fan Membership Page, Gold Fan Package, Sponsor Packages, Player packages as well as the Documentation for the Media Colloborators. All documentation and sponsorship packages are provided with this plan. Also includes all tactics used to build and grow and fast growing fan base and large ticket sales. 
9. Splash Intro Page - One Time fee of $199
A splash intro page provides more creativity and faster access to the different oranization from a central landing page. Also allows fans to buy tikcets directly from the home page without having to go into the website to find the ticket sales.   

                       Sample Below:
10. Custom Designed Business Cards - One Time fee of $110
Let our designers design you some custom business cards for your organization. Front and Back design to match your team. Printing for 500 business cards is $25 extra.


11. Uniform Design - One Time fee of $199
Let our designers create and design the uniforms for your team. We pick the best uniforms and design you the top Class Soccer Uniforms to go with your team.

12. Tshirt Design - One Time fee of $99
Let our designers create and design Fan T-shirts for you.


13.   12 - 16 ft Wing Banners - One Time fee of $299 for the artwork.
Let our designers create Field Wing Banners for you. Below is sample:


14. 12 x 3 ft Field Banners - One Time fee of $299 for the artwork.
Let our designers create Field Banners for you. These can be used by Sponsors or for your team:



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